NPHarvest turns wastewater nutrient management to profits!

Our Nutrient Catchers can convert Nitrogen and Phosphorus in your waste streams into valuable fertilizers while providing the best OPEX in the world! Do you operate biogas plants, wastewater treatment plants or farms? With NPHarvest, you can decrease your wastewater-related costs while producing nutrient materials for local agricultural needs!


April 17, 2024

NPHarvest raises €2.2M to fuel its mission to recycle nutrients from wastewater

The Finnish startup has developed a nutrient catcher that is installed in wastewater management systems.

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March 18, 2023

NPHarvest Farewell and Beginning Party

Everyone has seen the graduation of peers, friends, family or themselves. It is rare to see graduation of a project with the title of company!

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If you have high nutrient loads in your wastewater or digestate, tired of paying high disposal fees or operational costs.

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